The coating for oral dosages has been developed for multiple reasons and functions. Coating significantly reduces dosage powdering and breakage, and eases swallowing. Identification with color, prevention of adulteration, and branding are other applications. Coatings can also be used as moisture barriers, to assist taste masking, for protection from gastric acids, and to assist time release via erosion or pH sensitive disintegration.

Solutions Available:

Immediate Release

Hypromellose – HPMC – An array of low viscosity grades ideal for use in side vented auto coaters and fluid bed applications.

A selection of premixed formulations containing polymer and plasticizers, and developed with solids content up to 25% for ready to mix and coat. Colors can also be added and formulated to customer's specifications. All colors are FD&C approved.

Functional Coatings

Hypromellose Phthalate – HPMC-P – An enteric polymer with a pH release point, best applied via an organic solvent system.

HPMCAS – pH dependent release for true enteric action with 3(L, M, H) PH points. Can be applied aqueously or with organic solvents. AquaSolve™ from Ashland.

Sodium Alginate – a pH dependent delayed release aqueous coating system that is fully GRAS for nutraceutical and dietary supplement applications. Colors can be added and all are FD&C approved.

Polymethacrylates – These polymers can be used for both enteric and pH dependent sustained-release applications. Type A, Type B, and Type C have 5.5 pH release points. Grades are available for aqueous suspension and organic solvent applications.

Carboxymethyl ethyl cellulose - CMEC™ – Enteric & controlled-release base polymer with pH sensitivity. Low pH gives slow release and high pH gives faster release. - From Freund

ZEIN – A water soluble protein from non-GMO corn. Availlable in powder for organic solvent coating or in liquid concentrate for aqueous application. Kosher, Halal, and Gluten free for nutraceutical SR applications
Flow Zein™ from Flo

Coating Premix – A choice of formulations containing enteric polymer and plasticizers, available with HPMC-P; Types A,B, and C polymethacrylates are also available for ease of operation. Colors can also be added and formulated to customer's requirements. All colors are FD&C approved.


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