Controlled Release Options

A sustained time-release dosage can be accomplished using hydrophilic matrix formulations and coated beads with pH or erosion dependant properties.

Solutions Available:

Matrix Polymers – We offer a full line of various high viscosity grades of HPMC designed with narrow HPO content and particle size distribution.

Coatings – HPMC-P, HPMC-AS and CMECâ„¢ are cellulose-based pH-dependent polymers for controlled release coatings and drug layering.

ZEIN – A corn protein based coating polymer per CR via erosion. Neutral spheres for CR cores

Polymethacrylate based pH-dependent copolymers – Several polymethacrylate based pH-dependent copolymers for similar controlled release coatings include L 30D 55, L 100, and S 100 and many others.

Pre-mix coating systems – A selection of pre-mixed polymethacrylate based aqueous and hyro/alcoholic systems are available to deliver a pH dependent sustained time release.


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