Solubility and Emulsification Enhancers


Solutions available:

Sodium CMC – A common thickener, suspending agent, and rheology control agent with efficient thickening action. It is easily soluble in both cold and hot water, physiologically inert, and resistant to greases, oils, and organic solvents. It also exhibits anionic characteristics. We offer viscosities in the 600, 2,000, 3,500 & 4,500 cps range

Co-Processed Sodium CMC and MCC – A co-processed excipient with substantial rheological properties at low levels, and a good suspending agent for colloidal dispersions. Temperature changes have minimal effect on viscosity and it is resistant to phase separation over a long shelf life. Also helps to mask oily and strong drug tastes. Offered in four grades based on viscosity and NaCMC content.

Bioavailability enhancers

Phospholipids – Soy & sunflower based lecithins

Synthetic lecithins

Leciva™ From VAV Life Sciences

Cholesterol – Egg derived

Lipova™ From VAV Life Sciences

Solid Dispersion Aids

Solutions available:

HPMC (Hypromellose) – Low viscosity grades 3, 5, 6 & 15 cps improve solubility when combined with poorly soluble APIs.

HPMC-P (Hypromellose Phthalate) – Generally used for enteric coating applications; improves solubility with poorly soluble APIs when dissolved in organic solvents and spray dried.

HPMC-AS (Hypromellose acetate succinate) – Significantly improves solubility of poorly soluble APIs, and also has enteric properties. Can be dissolved in organic solvents with an API and spray dried, or physically mixed with an API and hot-melt extruded for improved solubility. Available with 3 levels of Acetyl and Succinoyl substitution, which give it different physical properties with certain drugs.

AquaSolve™ from Ashland.

Silsol™ 6035 – Narrow pore me so porous silica gel desigual to keep poorly soluble drugs in amorphous state. Can be used in absortion, spray dried & extrusion processes - From WR GRACE

CMEC™ – Can be used as a carrier for solid dispersion with the aim of improving solubility of poorly soluble drugs. - From Freund

Methacrylic Acid – Methyl Methacrylate Copolymer (Type B) – A polymethacrylate polymer that improves solubility when incorporated with certain APIs into a hot melt extrusion.

PVP – VA 64's low melting point makes this polymer suitable for hot-melt extrusion


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