Gels and Thickening Agents

APIs used in topical applications such as lotions, gels, and balms often require a stable compatible medium with thickening properties.

Solutions available:

Methylcellulose (Metolose SM) – Middle to high viscosity; used extensively as a thickening agent and/or for gel formation. Its high thermal gelation point, good stability, and water solubility make it one of the first polymers of choice.

HPMC (Hypromellose) – Middle to high viscosity, with thickening properties. Available in several grades with varying thermal gelation points, which allows for fine tuning to meet varying needs.

Sodium & Calcium Carboxy Methylcellulose An efficient frequently used thickener that also acts as a suspending and/or rheology control agent. Easily soluble in cold or hot water, physiologically inert, and resistant to greases, oils, and organic solvents. It also exhibits anionic characteristics.

Co-Processed Sodium CMC and MCC – A co-processed excipient with substantial rheological properties at low levels, and a good suspending agent for colloidal dispersions. Temperature changes have minimal effect on viscosity and it is resistant to phase separation over a long shelf life. Also helps to mask oily and strong drug tastes. Offered in four grades based on viscosity and NaCMC content.


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