Granulation Aids


Solutions Available:

HYPROMELLOSE – Low viscosity HPMC has been used effectively as a binder in fluid bed and wet granulation applications. 3, 5, 6, 15 & 50 cps

L-HPC – Has binding properties similar to MCC PH 100 series while exhibiting super-disintegrant properties.

MCC – A binder/filler with properties that enhance the hardness of tablets

Chemical® PH101, 102, 102LM, 112, 301, 302, 103, 200 from Chemifield Cellulose
Primecel® PH101, 102, 200 from Chemifield Cellulose
Polyvinyl Pyrrolidine
PVP K30,60 and 90

Disintegration Aids

Solutions available:

L-HPC – Two substitution types are available for rapid disintegration of a super-disintegrant nature. LS-11, LS-21, LS-22

Croscarmellose Sodium – A historical super–disintegrant.

Calcium carbonate/ Tribasic calcium phosphate Omyapharm 500 -OG. A coprocessed excipients with enhanced disintegration properties - From Omya

Flow Aids

Solutions Available:

Silicon dioxide gets Syloid® 63 FP, Syloid® 244 FP - From WR GRACE.

Pregelatinized Starch – High flowability, enhancement of dissolution, and stabilizing properties for hygroscopic drugs make this an effective granulation aid.

Silicated MCC – Provides improved flowability to the less flowable grades of MCC.


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