Tableting/ Direct Compression-Wet Granulation


If you need binding aids with various properties and applications, we offer a full array of choices for active ingredients, many based on cellulose backbones.

Solutions Available:

Low substituted Hydroxypropylcellulose – L-HPC – LS-11, LS-21

Micro Crystalline Cellulose (MCC) – A full line of varying particle size grades from PH100, 200 & 300 series from Chemfield Cellulose.

Calcium carbonate/ Tribasic calcium phosphate
Omyapharm® 500 -OG. A coprocessed excipients with physical binding properties - From Omya.

Sodium CarboxyMethylCellulose (Na CMC) – A versatile polymer, offered from low-viscosity 50-100 cps up to 4000-5000 cps.

Pregelatinized Starch – Offered in several particle sizes and bulk densities. This filler also provides good binding characteristics.


Are there capping issues with your formulation?

Solutions available:

L-HPC – The fibrous qualities of L-HPC, LS-11 grade solves many capping problems.


Does your API's reactivity present stability concerns in formulating?

Solutions Available:

L-HPC – the non-ionic nature of L-HPC allows for excellent compatibility while providing other characteristics.

HPMC – Low-viscosity HPMC 3, 5, 6, 15 cps has been shown to be compatible and a stable binder with many API's.

Pregelatinized Starch – This binder/filler exhibits good wicking properties for active water.

D.C. Lactose Granulation
Dilactose™ S & F grades from Freund

D.C. Mannitol Granulation
Granutol™ R, S & F grades from Freund

D.C. Coprocessed mannitol mixture with disintegrant for SD Formulation incuding OTD'S.
Granfiller™ D 6NFDZ11, 6NFD215 from Daicel

D.C. Coprocessed mannitol mixture with high tablet hardness for ODT
HiSORAD® from Daicel

D.C. Coprocessed filler mixture for dietary supplements
DiSPERZiSTA® DPZ 501 mannitol based from Daicel
DiSPERZiSTA® DPZ 401 lactose based from Daicel



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