Multi-Particulate Dosages

Compressing multiple coated particles into a single dose requires the use of core nonpareils, coating materials, and cushioning binders that protect individual ingredients. These can affect the dissolution rates of the finished dosage. There are several options to ensure uniform dissolution:

Solutions Available:

Inert spheres – a full range of inert spheres comprised of , sugar, Microcrystalline Cellulose, SiO, tartaric acid, mannitol, lactose, citric acid & CaCO₃ are available in various mesh sizes for drug layering.

Coatings – HPMCAS provides a more flexible film capable of enduring the compression forces of tableting. See Coating section. Aquasolve™ from Ashland.

HPMCP – pH dependant enteric polymer.

CMEC™ – pH affected enteric polymer - From Freund.

Cushioning Agents – L-HPC and Pregelatinzed Starch both exhibit some cushioning properties ideal for compression of MUP designed dosages.

Disintegration Aids – L-HPC has various substitution types available for rapid disintegration of a super-disintegrant nature.

Omyapharma 500 -OG
This coprocced calcium carbonate tribasic calcium phosphate provides good disintegration while offering basic PH - From Omya


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